Treatment Process 1 – The Interview

Acupuncture Intake

In the initial session, I spend about thirty minutes talking with you in order to get a general picture of your health. For follow-up sessions, this process is reduced to about fifteen minutes.

Treatment Process 2 – The Assessment

Acupuncture Pulse Diagnosis

After the interview, I will ask you to be on the exam table. Here, I will observe the quality of your pulse on both wrists, look at the color of your tongue and the tongue coating, palpate the abdominal area to see if there are any tight or weak spots, and perform any other physical exams relevant to your condition.

Treatment Process 3 – Needle Insertion

After the assessment, acupuncture is performed. In Japanese-style acupuncture, the process is divided into two parts. The first part is balancing the Qi of the whole body. For this purpose, the needle insertion is very shallow (1-2 mm). The second photo below demonstrates the depth of the insertion. The second part is the treatment of the specific physical complaint. In most cases, this means reduction of pain. In order to get to the muscle or joint tissue, the needle insertion is much deeper.

Disinfecting AcupointsDisinfection of the needling site

Acupuncture Needle InsertionExample of shallow needle insertion
Disinfection of the needling site

Treatment Process 4 – Needle Manipulation

After the insertion of a needle, it is manipulated to create the desired effect. In this picture, my left hand looks like it is touching the needle, but I am actually using it to hold down the skin surrounding the needle, while I manipulate the needle with my right hand.

Acupuncture Needle Manipulation

Treatment Process 5 – Relaxation Time

After all the necessary points (as few as possible in my style) are needled, you will be left alone for twenty minutes to relax. Many people fall asleep. I usually treat the front and the back, so the total time for the acupuncture part of the session is about forty five minutes.

Relaxation through AcupunctureAcupuncture Treatment Area