Japanese Bodywork


Typically, Japanese Bodywork consists of three parts. The first segment is the intake. I usually spend fifteen minutes chatting with you (thirty minutes for your first session) to figure out the cause of your recent condition and to review your medical history. I often observe your posture and muscular condition at the same time. The […]




As acupuncturists, we deal with a little thing called “Qi” every day. Some readers are familiar with it, I’m sure. If you haven’t heard of it, this is a difficult concept to grasp because there is no equivalent English word for it. An acupuncturist I know once cleverly described it to me as “the difference […]




Most acupuncturists study Chinese herbal medicine as part of their training because acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine share a similar history and similar theories.  As such, they work extremely well in tandem.   It is common for an acupuncturist to prescribe an herbal formula after an acupuncture session in order to reinforce the effects of the acupuncture. Each […]